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A Synthetic Analysis of Biophysical Vulnerability and Social Vulnerability: A Case Study of Taitung Country, Taiwan
The strategies and action plans to cope with the climate change induced by global warming can be divided into mitigation and adaptation. Especially, in the last ten years, the extreme climate events due to climate change have caused numerous damages on sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, health and etc. The climate change will continue to affect social functioning and human development. Therefore, this study tries to examine the vulnerable areas at the county level and propose adaptation strategies and action plans to increase the adaptation capacity for those areas.


Due to the geographical, geological and climatic factors, Taiwan has been suffering earthquakes, typhoons and numerous induced disasters. Potential hazardous areas of soil debris and floods are all over Taiwan. Of which, Taitung County has been one of the most serious counties in Taiwan. Moreover, the impact of climate change will further cause severe damages and disasters. Therefore, proposing sound and holistic climate change strategies and adaptation plans is an urgent and needed task for Taitung County.

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