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The Association between the Built Environment and Social Capital in Seoul, Korea
South Korea has experienced high-speed growth and industrialization over the past several decades. As a consequence, the nation’s capital, Seoul, has experienced substantial development by large-scale, government-initiated housing and urban development projects in order to accommodate rapid population growth and a growing economy. While these large-scale urban development and renewal projects have provided benefits, they are now criticized for destroying traditional settlement patterns that displayed more organic urban structures. In addition, these projects have been blamed for affecting socio-cultural elements, such as social capital. Social capital is expected to play an important role in community development, as it has a range of benefits related to the urban regeneration process and public engagement. However, little research has been done to examine the interaction between the built environment and social capital in Seoul, Korea. Theoretically, the built environment may influence social outcomes in neighborhoods. Housing types and street design, with regard to walkability, play important roles in social interaction among people.

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