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A Study on Restructuring of Traditional Market Functions for Revitalization of Small Towns-Based on a case study of Hadong eup‧Geochang eup
        Eup has been functioning as an economic-, social- and cultural-center of local town, gun, but the industrialization and the development of modern transport system had led to the gradual deterioration of this small town. This also had an impact on the roles of traditional markets that are usually located in the center of eup. Despite its minimized function, traditional markets accounts for large floor area of town center and are subject to enormous supports and aids from both the national and the local government for revitalization. But it is difficult to say that have been very effective.
       The purpose of this study is analyzing the possible means for the function restructuring of the traditional markets located in the center of each town based on Geochang eup and Hadong eup. To answer the question, we analyzed the deterioration phenomenon of eup, the current status of traditional markets and of understanding and recognition of visitors, merchants and public workers and the supporting measures and outcome of the revitalization policies.

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