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Sustainable Urban Planning

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    At base the design features incorporated into this book emanate from practice. I gratefully acknowledge the experience also gained and lessons learned from my own and James Lunday’s studio classes at Auckland University; student-planner design efforts for tract after tract, setting out to free up community space, provide mixed-use neighbourhoods, and doubling – often quadrupling – the formula density. An outstanding illustrator from these classes was Bruce Weir who cheer-fully took on the job of preparing most of the line drawings featured as urban detail in chapter 5 (Urban Growth Management).

   There are colleagues and friends to acknowledge; bringing back pleasurable ever-fresh memories. At the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1964–72 Paul Brenikov and Cameron Blackhall. From Cambridge 1972–84 David Williams (Wolfson College President, later Vice-Chancellor), and the late Paul Howell also of Wolfson College. At Auckland University (1984–2000) I was influenced by, and remain grateful to past and present faculty colleagues, who will I hope warm to passages where they discern vestiges of their influence: Jim Dart, Derek Hall, Michael Pritchard, Morris Taylor, Harry Turbott, Tricia Austin, Dan Barry, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Robert Hotten, Megan Howell, Mark Tollemache, Tony Watkins, Elizabeth Aitken-Rose, Hirini Matunga, Catherine Edmeades, Bill Berrett, Marjorie van Roon, Robert Collin and Mark Bellingham. I am also grateful to Phil McDermott, latterly Professor of Planning at Massey University, for his insight and support.

   Following retirement from Auckland University I was fortunate to be invited to assist at Auckland’s UNITEC campus where I teach a little, use the excellent library service, and profit from the stimulus of new design insights, for all of which my particular thanks go to Jacqueline Margetts, Katrina Simon and Rod Barnett; and also to my stimulating and helpful new colleagues in the School of Landscape and Plant Science.



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