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Landscape guideline

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   This document has been prepared to guide the greening of our road corridors. It is published as part of the Beyond the Pavement urban design initiative and sets down the RTA approach to the design and management of planting and revegetation.

   Wherever they are situated, whether in town or country, roads and their settings are enhanced by the presence of vegetation. It provides character, colour, texture and interest to our places. It helps filter air and water borne pollutants, provides shade and comfort from the sun and converts carbon dioxide to oxygen.

   Vegetation is the perfect foil for the hard elements of roads and buildings. It helps provide structure and form to road alignments, helps integrate roads into built and natural settings, provides a distinctive frontage or entry to towns, and helps create a unique sense of place which assists way-finding.

Landscape designs are a relatively inexpensive element of our roads yet improve with age – at maturity providing great character as well as habitat for our native fauna.

   Yet this asset can also be a problem if not designed properly. Vegetation can be expensive and hazardous to maintain and, more importantly, a safety issue for road users, cyclists and pedestrians.

   This guideline, developed from the lessons learnt from many RTA projects over the years, ensures that the right conditions are provided so that in time a green road corridor is established safely and cost effectively.

   I commend these guidelines to the RTA and its contractors.


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