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A Study on the Planning Factors and Residents Satisfaction of Urban Regeneration in Medium Cities

In recent years, recovering the function of downtown has become one of the most important issues in local government. However, successful urban regeneration should be satisfied with economic, social, cultural and physical needs of residents. This study aims to suggest the desirable planning factors and directions of urban regeneration based on the analysis of characteristics of economic, social, physical and cultural aspects in medium cities. Based on the results of experts and residents questionnaire surveys, it conducts an analysis on the importance of planning factors and drew some critical points that have an important effect on urban regeneration. The relationship between planning factors and population sizes evaluated by multiple regression analysis. This study found out that it is important to expand parks, green spaces, and ecological spaces to medium cities. However, for the medium cities, it is necessary to established a cultural identity and to increase historical resources for the activities of tourism. Furthermore, to specify the types of industry and vocational education are needed for medium cities. For the urban regeneration of medium cities, focusing on the traditional markets and urban marketing are needed. It is also necessary to provide sound environment of pedestrian facilities and public transport system especially for the daily passage of white-collar workers and elderly.

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