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Stormwater collection systems design handbook, 1st edition

* A comprehensive overview of stormwater and wastewater collection methods from around the world, written by leading experts in the field

* Includes detailed analysis of system designs, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation

* The most complete reference available on the subject



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Regulation of Stormwater Collection Systems in the United States

Chapter 3: Hydraulics of open channel flow

Chapter 4: Hydrology for drainage system design and analysis

Chapter 5: Design of stormwater inlets

Chapter 6: Hydraulics of sewer systems

Chapter 7: Design of detention systems

Chapter 8: Design of off-line detention systems

Chapter 9: Design of infiltration basins for stormwater

Chapter 10: Stormwater treatment wetland design

Chapter 11: Design of distributed stormwater control and re-use systems

Chapter 12: Design of pumps and pump facilities

Chapter 13: Subsurface stormwater management systems

Chapter 14: Sediment movement in drainage systems

Chapter 15: Hydraulic design of culverts and highway structures

Chapter 16: Hydraulic design of flood control channels

Chapter 17: Design for erosion and sediment control

Chapter 18: Storm and combined sewer overflow: flow regulation and control

Chapter 19: The removal of urban litter from stormwater drainage systems

Chapter 20: Flow transitions and energy dissipators for culverts and channels

Chapter 21: Computer models for stormwater systems design

Chapter 22: Risk/reliability model for design

Chapter 23: Storm drain design and analysis using hydra


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